Wireless Hotspot Solution WG-604

WiFi Hotspot

The Handlink WG-604 300Mbps HotSpot Gateway/Router provides unsurpassed wireless high speed for Motel, Cafe, Coffee Shop, Restaurant, Pub, Cinema, Airport/Transportation Centre, Retail centre, Library, Hotel lobbies, Backpacker hostel, Bed & Breakfast, to provide guests, visitors and customers a powerful WiFi hotspot network service.

The product design bundles a core processor with separate WLAN module, this allows users to enjoy speeds 3.5 times faster than competitors’ WLAN on Board. The unit is equipped with 3 antennas to offer the most concurrent users an unparalleled performance ever on a hotspot gateway.

The WG-604 provides a customizable and user-friendly management interface that supports web-based authentication and management tool, and marketing cooperation. It also can be integrated with RADIUS AAA server, pre-paid card system, billing system, SMTP server, web server, SNMP management and syslog server.

Hotspot Features

Café WiFi HotSpot Billing
Allows for both Paid and Free WiFi, you choose, for instance you could give your customer a free WiFi voucher if they purchase a Coffee etc.
WiFi subscriber gateway for connecting your Laptop, iPhone, iPad, Android, Smart phones!
Secure Internet
Enable you to control guests WiFi bandwidth and security by real-time session limit and remote authorized management functions.
Easy to Use, IP Plug and Play Internet Access
Zero configuration Internet access! Connect your handheld devices to the network. It will automatically configure itself for the network.
Web-based management
Manage your WiFi account service easily and setup customizable login pages to enhance your brand image.

Social WiFi – Increase “likes” on your Facebook Page

After connecting to your Wi-Fi network customers can be automatically redirected to your Facebook Page. Customers can then easily ‘Like’ or ‘Share’ your Facebook Page with their friends. This is a great way to increase Facebook Likes and bring in new customers and more sales as well as keeping existing customers informed with the latest happenings and special offers.

You are also able to redirect your customers to any page on your website, for instance you could create a splash page on your site for your WiFi customers enabling them to Like or Share your site or subscribe to your newsletter if you have one.

Social WiFi will boost your business visibility, customer engagement and sales.

Handlink WG-604p – Complete Hotspot Solution

It works with the AG-300E Account Generator Thermal Printer that allows the proprietors to generate a billing and system summary.

The Hotspot venue owner simply presses one button on the Account Generator – AG-300E and a one time account will be generated and printed out immediately.

Handlink Wireless Setup

The AG-300E Account Generator Thermal Printer is attached to the Handlink WG-604 through the Ethernet IP network and supports up to 10 x AG-300E placed in multiple locations on the LAN. This is ideal for larger locations such as Hotels that may require an account generator at reception and other locations such as Bars and conference rooms.

WiFi Speed comparison