WG-602 Wireless Hotspot Solution

Wireless Hotspot Access Controller bundled with IP account printer. Handlink-wg-602

The Handlink WG-602 Wireless Subscriber Gateway is a compact intelligent gateway integrated with four-port port-based V-LAN switch. It is designed as an Access Controller for service providers/system integrators/hotspot operators to deploy a Wi-Fi HOTSPOT service with (or without) a back end RADIUS-Server.

The Handlink WG-602 – (Hotspot in a box) is an ideal solution for Hotel, Motel, Café, Restaurant, Airport, Conference Rooms and other sites that commonly host business travellers.

With its IP Plug and Play technology, it accepts any client configuration for log-on. There’s no need for the end-user to change any of their default network (Static IP), e-mail (SMTP Server behind firewall), or browser settings (HTTP Proxy) or load any special software to access the Wireless Hotspot service. It’s completely plug and play with any browser.

In combination with the AG-300E Account Generator printer, a Wi-Fi Hotspot operator can offer the users pre-paid tickets. The Hotspot venue owner just needs to press one button on an Account Generator – AG-300E (new version of the AG200E) and a one time account will be generated and printed out immediately.


The AG-300E Account Generator Thermal Printer is attached to the Handlink WG-602 through the Ethernet IP network and supports up to 10 x AG-300E placed in multiple locations on the LAN. This is ideal for larger locations such as Hotels that may require an account generator at reception and other locations such as Bars and conference rooms.

The Handlink WG-602 also includes a PayPal payment gateway allowing customers using the Hotspot to pay directly into the venue owners PayPal account. To use PayPal on the WG-602 you will need to activate Payment Data Transfer within your PayPal account. Then it’s just a matter of logging into the WG-602 Hotspot as admin and entering the Paypal Identity Token.

Other payment gateways provided on the WG-602 include Authorize.net, iValidate and in Australia SecurePay.

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Handlink Wi-Fi Hotspot Features

  • 54Mbps Data Rate with IEEE 802.11g Compliance
  • IP Plug and Play Technology – This IP Plug and Play Technology helps solve guest user connectivity problems by offering instant Internet access without the need for configuration changes to the client computer or any resident client-side software. This is means that even if client configuration such as network IP address (including Gateway IP, DNS) or HTTP Proxy settings are different to that of the provided network, the client can still get access to the network instantly with their existing network configuration.
  • Complete AAA (Authentication, Authorization and Accounting) As an Access Controller in a Hotspot application, the WG-602 provides a standards based Radius Client to communicate with any standard based Radius server – or it can use it’s own internal authentication database (if a RADIUS server isn’t available).
  • High Level Network Security Several Network Security protocols are provided in the WG-602 to fully secure wireless communication and secure data transfer over the wireless LAN, such as WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access), WEP, SSL configuration page, SSL client login page, VLAN security on LAN ports, Layer 2 Isolation security. In addition, a PPTP VPN client is also provided in the WG-602 in order to establish a secure tunnel between WG-602’s WAN port and a Radius Server to protect the transfer of client’s Username/ Password over Internet.
  • Local, Personalised Service The Handlink WG-602 allows full customization on the client login/logout page and content on printed-out ticket. It also has the ability to redirect user to a pre-configured page as an Advertising web page. This helps hotspot operators to promote their other products or services. Or they can sell adverting space to local businesses
  • Powerful Management Tools The Handlink WG-602 provides several effective management tools to Hotspot operators to manage and maintain their Hotspot devices and services from remote sites. The management tools included Web configurator, TFTP/HTTP firmware upgrade, LAN Device Management and SNMP. A Syslog function also provided in WG-602 to help Hotspot operator to collect the “history” logs like billing logs, client’s usage logs and client’s access logs.
  • Status Monitoring The Handlink WG602 implements status monitoring pages to help Hotspot operators to monitor their Hotspot service. The status monitoring page information includes Current User, Session List, DHCP Client List and Account Status.
  • Remote Billing function with combination of AG-300E (Optional/bundled item) Up to 10 AG-300E Account Generator Printers can be connected remotely on the IP Network. With an AG-300E, Hotspot venue owners can generate a one time account by pressing one button on the AG300E.
  • OEM version of this unit called the Netcomm HS960 Wireless Hotspot was also released in Australia. The Handlink WG-602 replaced the earlier version- Handlink WSG-5000 plus AG200 printer and the HS800.
  • Latest version of the WG-602 is the Handlink WG-604 hotspot device.


  • Plug & Play
  • Zero Configuration for End-User
  • 100 Concurrent Users
  • Rich Networking Functions
  • NAT (RFC 1631)
  • SMTP Server Redirection
  • DNS Redirection
  • Static IP WAN connection
  • DHCP Client WAN connection
  • PPPoE WAN connection
  • PPTP Client WAN connection
  • DHCP Relay
  • Transparent HTTP Proxy Support
  • DDNS
  • NTP Client
  • User Accounting and Authentication
  • Web-Based Authentication
  • RADIUS AAA support (RFC 2865,2866)
  • Secondary RADIUS
  • User Authentication and Accounting
  • Logout Window Timer Control
  • Security and Firewall
  • SSL User Login page/ Configuration page
  • Layer 2 Isolation V-Lan Security
  • Pass Through IP/MAC/URL address
  • VPN (IPSec/PPTP/L2TP) Pass through
  • PPTP VPN Client
  • 802.1x
  • Management
  • Web-based management tool
  • TFTP /HTTP firmware upgrade
  • Wizard setup for step-by-step configuration
  • Backup/ Restore configuration file
  • Real-time Session List
  • LAN Device Management
  • Syslog (System/Subscriber/LAN device)
  • E-mail logs
  • SNMP v1/v2 (MIB II with traps)
  • Marketing Cooperation
  • Customisable log-on and log-off pages
  • Advertisement URL link
  • Wall garden
  • Local Authentication
  • Local Accounting Local and remote Billing