Handlink Wi-Fi Kiosk

Handlink Wi-Fi Kiosk

The coin operated Handlink “Wi-Fi Kiosk” is an ideal solution for any venue owner. Hotels, coffee shops, restaurants, convention centers and public places can all provide fee-based Wi-Fi access to owners of Laptops, iPads, Smart Phones and other web enabled gadgets.

The combination of cool retro design with the latest technology means it will look good in any venue.

All the venue owner needs to do, is apply for an Internet connection from their local ISP, and connect it to their “Wi-Fi Kiosk”. A Wi-Fi Internet service is then immediately available to any venue visitor.

The “Handlink Wi-Fi Kiosk” includes an Internet gateway with a large number of functions including a 802.11n interface, coin collector, thermal printer, 2 selection buttons(Confirm/Language). A user friendly GUI is provided for the venue owner to perform the initial setup and define the Wi-Fi Internet service charge option.

Users wishing to purchase a few minutes of wireless internet just need to insert the required coins into the slot and press the confirm button. A built-in thermal printer will then provide a ticket detailing the user’s Internet access account, including the following details –

– Account username and password

– Account purchase date and time

– Account expiry date and time

– Access duration


The end users can log in to their recently purchased Internet access account via their preferred browser. After the paid time has elapsed, the end user’s Internet access is automatically disconnected and the account is deleted.

Wi-Fi Kiosk Presentation

 Wi-Fi Kiosk


Kiosk Features

Internet Gateway

IEEE 802.11b/g (802.11n Wireless LAN

IP Plug & Play (Zero Configuration)

Standard browser for user login

Built in user authentication

NAT (RFC 1631)

SMTP server redirect

DHCP server

Static IP/DHCP Client/PPPoE/PPTP WAN client

Usage time elapsed window

VPN Pass Through (IPSec/ PPTP/ L2TP)

Layer 2 isolation security

Web-based configuration

Remote firmware upgrade

Bandwidth Management


Back up/restore configuration tool

Coin Collector

Single slot for multiple kinds of coin

Distinguish between 6 types of coin, based on the material, diameter and thickness.

Thermal Printer

Print width 48mm

Paper width 58mm

Auto paper cut

LCD Display

Two line alphanumerical display

Display inserted coin amount

Error message display (Internet connection failure, out of Paper etc.)

Welcome message display

Select Button

1 confirm button

1 multi-language selection button

Usage time and charge amount customizable