Handlink ISS-7000 v2 – Internet Access Gateway


Hotel and Resort WiFi Internet Controller

The ISS-7000 v2 Internet Subscriber Server is a high-performance gateway for medium to large sized Hotels and Resorts allowing for the best possible Internet access service to be offered to Hotel guests. The Handlink Iss-7000 v2 gateway makes it easy to provide Free or paid Wi-Fi.

ISS-7000 v2 provides scalable simultaneous devices from 300 up to 1000. For the secure guest access, Handlink’s patented instant dynamic accounts generator delivers advanced security for guests accessing public networks and separates network usage with hotel staff.

ISS-7000 v2 offers bandwidth management for free / paid custom service. It allows every user to have a different internet service quality. With its IP plug and play technology, it accepts any client configuration for log-on. It supports replenish function and accumulation mode. There’s no need for users to change any of their default network, e-mail or browser settings or load any special software to access the hotspot service. It’s completely IP plug and play with any browser. The user can freely connect to the network and the system will automatically configure itself.

The ISS-7000 v2 Internet Subscriber Server is designed for service providers and system integrators to enhance service performance, increase business exposure and cooperative business operation. The application simplifies the setup, AAA control, security and comprehensive management of Internet access by Integrating Hotel PMS System, switch or access point. The ISS-7000 v2 is designed for triple-A network support – (authorization, authentication and accounting). VPN Pass through, Layer 2 isolation and SSL Login Page.

The ISS-7000 v2 has the ability to let you redirect end users to your advertising web pages, increase your potential for revenue and customize locations where end-users can visit free (walled garden). The login and logout pages are also fully customizable.

Venue providers could also set up a variety of ways to charge for high-speed Internet service and network-enabled guest applications, we offer up to 10 flexible billing selections and service options.

ISS-7000 v2 Features

Scalable Solutions for all Types of Hospitality
Supports 300-1,000 simultaneous devices
Local account up to 12,000

Add wireless and wired Internet connections for your Wi-Fi access point, CMS, office PCs, IPTV, laptop and handheld device needs in the hotel.

Integrated Internet Billing Intelligent Gateway
1 WAN port for connecting xDSL/Cable Modem
4 LAN port for connecting PoE switch to Wi-Fi access point, office PCs, CMS
1 serial port for PMS application

AAA Control and Billing Support
Support network access control service including Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA) for Internet subscribers and 10 billing profiles.

IP Plug and Play Internet Access
Zero configuration Internet access!
Connect your office PC, IPTV, laptop and handheld devices to the network. It will automatically configure itself for the network.

VPN Pass Through
Run your VPN or Secure tunneling client software to connect to your company’s VPN server.

PMS Integration
Support the major brand PMS system (Micros Fidelio, West Soft) and Proprietary PMS system to enable your Hotel to perform in-room internet billing.

Increased Marketing Potential
Redirects the user’s browser to the hotel’s homepage and allow service providers advertising the local businesses and promotions. It also can be granted free access for unauthenticated users through “walled garden” links setting.

Network specification
  • IEEE 802.3 10Base T Ethernet
  • IEEE 802.3u 100Base TX Fast Ethernet
  • IEEE 802.ab 1000Base-TX Gbit/s Ethernet
  • IEEE 802.1q VLAN
  • WAN Port (1*RJ-45 connector) -10/100/1000 Base TX with Auto Cross-over
  • AUX Port (1*RJ-45 connector) -10/100/1000 Base TX with auto Cross-over
  • LAN Port (4*RJ-45 connectors) -10/100/1000 Base TX with Auto Cross-over
  • Two Serial Port -PMS and Console application
  • Two SFP -WAN and AUX Port
LEDs indicators
        • SYSTEM:
On - Fully Operational
        Flash - Abnormal
      Off - No Power / Fail
        • POWER:
On - the device is powered
      Off - Power is off
  • WAN Port: Link/Act/Speed
  • LAN Port: Link/Act/Speed
  • AUX Port: Link/Act/Speed
  • (L): 440 mm / (W): 231 mm / (H): 44 mm
  • Weight: about 2.77 kg (net)
Environmental conditions
  • Temperature: ambient operating with Hard Drive: 0ºC ~ 40ºC
  • Temperature: ambient storage: -20ºC ~ 70ºC
  • Humidity (RH): ambient operating and non-operating: 5% ~ 95%, non-condensing
IP plug and play
  • Zero end-user configurations
PMS Integration
  • Micros Fidelio Protocol compatible
  • West Soft
  • Handlink brand Network Devices integration
  • RADIUS Authentication / Accounting
  • Secondary RADIUS Server
  • POP3 Authentication (Phase Two)
  • Proprietary Authentication / Accounting
  • Web-based Account Manager
  • Web-Based Authentication
  • WISPr Smart Client Support
  • Flexible billing plan
  • Time-based billing (by minute, hour, day, and week)
  • Traffic-based billing (10~4000 MByte)
  • Subscriber selective service
  • Port-location mapping
  • Credit card support
  • Billing Log record Max. 20,000
  • SSL Secure User Login Process
  • SSL Secure Web-based administration
  • VPN Pass-through (IPSec/PPTP)
  • IP/MAC/URL address pass through
  • Supports 300 Simultaneous Devices(up to 1,000)
  • Supports all operation systems with TCP/IP(Windows / XP /Vista / 7, Mac OS, UNIX)
  • IP Plug and Play (iPnP)
  • HTTP Proxy Support (Any proxy port)
  • SMTP Server Redirection
  • DHCP Server (RFC 2131)
  • DHCP Relay (RFC 1542)
  • Static IP WAN Client
  • DHCP WAN Client
  • PPPoE WAN Client (RFC 2516)
  • PPTP WAN Client
  • NAT (RFC 1631)
  • Max. Session up to 120,000
  • Max. Local Account up to 12,000
  • Administrator/Account Manager Management Access
  • Remote Web-based Configuration and management
  • Authorized remote management
  • Firmware Upgrade (RFC 1350) via TFTP / HTTP
  • Import/Export Setting
  • Watchdog Mechanism
  • System Information Table
  • Real-time Current User List / DHCP Clients List / Session List / Account List
  • Syslog Application
  • Log by E-mail
  • SNMP v1/v2c
Local Service
  • Advertisement URL link
  • Walled garden
  • Login Page Redirection
  • Customize Login Page
  • Portal Page
Certification in Progress
  • FCC Class B (EMC)
  • CE
  • LVD
  • VCCI
  • C-Tick
  • RoHS
  • GOST-R

Security and Built-in Marketing

The ISS-7000 v2 is designed for triple A network support - (authorisation, authentication and accounting). VPN Pass through, Layer 2 isolation and SSL Login Page multiple built-in system to put security to priority one level. ISS-7000 v2 allows up to 10 URL setting, walled garden, therefore administrators are able to design its unique login page with hotel website or say tour guide advertisement to be shown right on the login page. Walled garden and advertisement URL direct guests to learn more about the hotel or tour information before they are connected to the Internet.

Easy Setup and Management

Dining or business seminar guests who desire to access to Wi-Fi at public area could easily request a Wi-Fi tickets at reception. The WG-500P is a portable thermal printer that is connected to ISS-7000 v2. With just one press of the printer button an account and password will be created. Simply enter the username and password or scan the QR code printed on the ticket to gain Internet access.

Fast and Zero Configuration/IPnP

Easy to use, The ISS-7000 v2 support IEEE802.ab 1000Base-TX Gbit/s fast Ethernet and its unique IP Plug & Play (IPnP) technology allows subscribers to connect with ease for broadband access without having to re-configure. Zero configuration is required for any devices including, laptop, ipad or smart phones. The user can freely connect to the network and the system will automatically configure itself.

Bandwidth Management

The ISS-7000 v2 enables the administrator to limit bandwidth usage on a per user basis (MAC address). The ISS-7000 v2 supports bandwidth management to avoid overfilling the internet tunnel, which would result in network congestion and poor performance of the network. The venue is benefited by Handlink’s all-in-one solution as the unit enables magnificent bandwidth control allowing the administrator to easily set upstream and downstream speed precisely for each port or SSID.

Low operational cost, upgrade flexibility and high ROI

Our full Hotel solution includes the ISS-7000 v2 gateway, control software (ACS) and a hotspot in a printer WG-500P. This infrastructure is not only proven to work perfectly but is also cost effective. Once the system is set-up, there is no technician required on site, not to mention this whole system shall last and operate effectively for many years to come. The unit also allows for concurrent user numbers to be upgraded from 300 to 1,000 via a license fee should the business grow or for larger venues.